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ACCESS Geneva: the high-throughput screening facility

Based in the University of Geneva, ACCESS Geneva provides infrastructure and know-how to deliver screening projects from Swiss academia or industry. The facility offers a fully automated station with state-of-the-art equipment, technology and methodology. ACCESS Geneva is up and running where its expertise on image-based screening/data analysis and/or automated microscopy can contribute to fight against COVID-19.



Screening at ACCESS Geneva: the offer of services

The screening facility provides a complete solution to scientists interested in pursuing high-content screening (HCS) projects with advice on experimental design, one-to-one training and a strong guidance every step of the way, from assay development to data acquisition and data analysis. The platform expertise is based on a long experience in systems biology and high-throughput screening technology.

The screening facility offers the following services:

  • Assay development: ACCESS Geneva is fully equipped to run any high-throughput project. The premises offer full support from assay designing to image and data analysis.
  • Experimental design and procedure: The assays and the samples can be run and prepared, using dedicated tools
  • Data acquisition: the facility provides all aspects of data storage, archive, back-up and analysis resource for scientists.
  • Data analysis: In order to facilitate the data storage and analysis to all users, the platform has developed a fully integrated data management system. All data generated are automatically saved on a secured server and are easily accessible at any time with no risk of data or metadata lose.


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