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Bertarello, A.; Benda, L.; Sanders, K. J.; Pell, A. J.; Knight, M. J.; Pelmenschikov, V.; Gonnelli, L.; Felli, I. C.; Kaupp, M.; Emsley, L.; Pierattelli, R.; Pintacuda, G., “Picometer Resolution Structure of the Coordination Sphere in the Metal-Binding Site in a Metalloprotein by NMR”, Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142 (39), 16757-16765. Dataset info: Pico-meter resolution structure of the coordination sphere in the metal-binding site in a metalloprotein by NMR [More Information]

Alistair P. Curd, Joanna Leng, Ruth E. Hughes, Alexa J. Cleasby, Brendan Rogers, Chi H. Trinh, Michelle A. Baird, Yasuharu Takagi, Christian Tiede, Christian Sieben, Suliana Manley, Thomas Schlichthaerle, Ralf Jungmann, Jonas Ries, Hari Shroff, Michelle Peckham, “Nanoscale Pattern Extraction from Relative Positions of Sparse 3D Localizations”, Nano Lett., 21, 3, 1213–1220, 2021. Open access [More Information]