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Project 5: ACCESS, a sustainable platform for academic chemical screens

Project Leader: Gerardo Turcatti

Collaborator: Dimitri Moreau

Project overview

We have established in the first four years of the NCCR Chemical Biology the infrastructure and  know-how for efficiently executing chemical screensACCESS, a platform for Academic Chemical Screens in Switzerland, enables to run either complex phenotypic screens or relatively simple in vitro enzymatic assays; it provides diverse chemical libraries; and has competences in chemoinformatics to analyze results and to aid in hit expansion.

In the next round of the NCCR, we propose to take advantage of this strategic investment and simply run as many screens as possible. Some of the screens we are proposing come from research groups that are not NCCR members, demonstrating the importance of ACCESS for the Swiss research community.  In addition, we will further improve our performance and infrastructure. A particular focus will be put on the establishment of a web portal for data sharing and analysis.