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Kaori Sugihara

Kaori Sugihara

Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Geneva

About Kaori Sugihara

Kaori Sugihara is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Chemistry at the University of Geneva. Her lab studies the mechanism of lipid self-assembly and develops applications with the formed lipid nanostructures toward biomedical engineering and electronics. She controls the lipid self-assembly by carefully studying the membrane physics. Formed lipid nanostructures are used for different applications in biomedical engineering and electronics. Her research is in the field of physical chemistry, biophysics, biomaterials, bioelectronics, bio-optics and biomedical engineering.

Read more about Kaori Sugihara’s research on her lab website.


University of Geneva
Department of Physical Chemistry
Room 201, Science II
30, quai Ernest Ansermet
1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)22.37.93134


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K. Kruse, K. Sugihara, “2018 International Symposium on Chemical Biology of the NCCR Chemical Biology”, Chimia 72, 160, 2018.

M. Macchione, M. Tsemperouli, A. Goujon, A. R. Mallia, N. Sakai, K. Sugihara, S. Matile, “Mechanosensitive Oligodithienothiophenes: Transmembrane Anion Transport Along Chalcogen-Bonding Cascades”, Helvetica Chimica Acta 101, e1800014, 2018. [More Information]