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Dimitri Moreau

ACCESS Geneva, University of Geneva


Holding a PhD in molecular and cell biology, Dimitri Moreau is heading ACCESS Geneva screening and automated microscopy facility, a BSF-ACCESS outstation, since December 2015. He acquired a strong acumen in high-throughput screening at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore as the leading scientist of the siRNA screen facility, and at the University of Geneva in the Department of Biochemistry as Head of the chemical screen facility.

Dimitri Moreau’s main target is to develop a state-of-the art platform dedicated to image based screening (high-content screening) and automated imaging while using the latest technologies available and the most advanced image and data analysis softwares. He is also dedicated to provide to all users of the platform full support on assay development, assay run, image and data analysis.


University of Geneva
Department of Biochemistry, Sciences II
30, Quai Ernest Ansermet
1211 Geneva 4, Switzerland


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Magdalena Banach-Orłowska, Kamil Jastrzębski, Jarosław Cendrowski, Małgorzata Maksymowicz, Karolina Wojciechowska, Michał Korostyński, Dimitri Moreau, Jean Gruenberg, Marta Miaczynska, “The topology of the lymphotoxin β receptor that accumulates upon endolysosomal dysfunction dictates the NF-κB signaling outcome”, Journal of Cell Science 2018 131: jcs218883 doi: 10.1242/jcs.218883. Open access [More Information]

A. Babič, S. Pascal, R. Duwald, D. Moreau, J. Lacour, E. Allémann, “Helicene–Squalene Fluorescent Nanoassemblies for Specific Targeting of Mitochondria in Live-Cell Imaging”, Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017, 1701839. [More Information]

Chuard N., Gasparini G., Moreau D., Lörcher S., Palivan C., Meier W., Sakai N., Matile, S., “Strain-Promoted Thiol-Mediated Cellular Uptake of Giant Substrates: Liposomes and Polymersomes”, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., February 2017. [More Information]