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Issue #6 – June 2017

Cover theme: Gender Equality

In this newsletter, we explore different aspects of the gender equality. Women continue to be vastly under-represented in higher research positions. How does such a disparity come about? Is it based on unconscious biases of both women and men? How can we improve the situation?

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Issue #5 – March 2017

Cover theme: Highlights 2017

The NCCR Chemical Biology started its 7th year of existence in full swing thanks to the great momentum from last year and a calendar full of upcoming events. Numerous publications are being communicated monthly by the member labs, and new, fascinating research is ongoing across all six projects. Many exciting activities across the different fields supporting our mission await our network this year, and we have planned more talks, meetings, courses, and events than ever before.

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Issue #4 – November 2016

Cover theme: Scientific progress

The NCCR Chemical Biology just completed its sixth year of operation of a maximum of twelve years. A good time to reflect on what we have accomplished so far.
Read this issue dedicated to our scientific progress.

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Issue #3 – July 2016

Cover theme: Education & Outreach

Although teaching may, at times, seem like a distraction, it is nevertheless a fundamental responsibility of scientists. In this issue, you will find out how we in the NCCR Chemical Biology are striving to better deal with the task of teaching and other important aspects of knowledge transfer.

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Issue #2 – March 2016

Cover theme: Entrepreneurship

New technologies drive biology forward. And Chemical Biology thrives in using the tools of chemistry and biology to develop such new technologies. In this issue, we seeked the advice of professionnals and we focused on activities of our NCCR and other Swiss institutions that aim at lending a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Issue #1 – November 2015

Cover theme: The NCCR Chemical Screening Platform ACCESS

Discover an extensive presentation of ACCESS’ facilities, what role and mission for Switzerland we envision and read about its major achievements, success stories and ongoing call.

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