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When a single drop of blood brings Swiss innovation forward

The EPFL spin-off Lucentix, fruit of the collaboration between EPFL’s Laboratory of Protein Engineering (LIP) and the NCCR Chemical Biology, has received CHF 130’000, the maximum funding granted by Venture Kick, the Swiss leading financing platform! Lucentix develops a new biosensor technology allowing patients to measure themselves with just a single drop of blood and get quicker laboratory-quality results.

Today, diabetics can measure their blood sugar levels themselves using a simple glucose meter wherever they are and whenever they want to. Even though patient’ self-monitoring would be equally beneficial for a number of other diseases, most of these blood tests still require a diagnostic laboratory, trained personnel and expensive equipment.

Biosensortechnology to make patient’ self-monitoring faster and cheaper.
The EPFL Spin-off Lucentix develops a new biosensor technology that allows patients to measure the precise concentration of substances in a single drop of blood or saliva using an inexpensive handheld device, providing laboratory-quality results within minutes. As a first application, Lucentix is developing a self-monitoring solution for patients suffering from the metabolic disease phenylketonuria leading to irreversible severe mental disabilities, where blood levels have to be measured frequently to adjust a specific diet. “The best thing about Venture Kick is their extremely pragmatic and goal-oriented approach. It is not about learning MBA techniques, but about asking the right questions, putting you in charge and acting. Now our company’s goal is to finalize the development of our phenylketonuria self-monitoring system and test it on patients”, says Rudolf Griss, co-founder of Lucentix.


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