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New virtual outreach initiative: 1 class, 1 scientist, 1 hour

As a pilot project of our new outreach initiative “1 class, 1 scientist, 1 hour”, a class of primary school children currently exploring colours met not one, but two scientists from the NCCR Chemical Biology. This first virtual outreach session was a great success and will be followed by other sessions offered to schools in Switzerland.



Dr. Clémence Simon (Postdoc, Riezman lab, UNIGE) and Charlotte Rossion (PhD student, Hoogendoorn lab, UNIGE) showed to 6-year-old children what the inside of a lab looks like, and what their everyday life as a scientist is. This session meeting occurred online during one hour via the platform Zoom.

Our scientists had even prepared a challenge for the children: perform a chromatography experiment in class! The class has one week to test, before showing their results to the scientists in a second Zoom video session.

Future outreach sessions will take place in the next weeks. If you are interested to be part of this new outreach initiative as an NCCR researcher, contact Nolwenn Chavan, NCCR science Communicator.