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Mitochondrial membrane tension governs fission

The NCCR Chemical Biology is proud to announce a new open access publication in Cell Reports stemming from the collaboration of 3 NCCR labs (Manley, Roux and Matile). Interdisciplinary collaboration strikes again!

Tracking proteins in the heart of cells

An interdisciplinary team of NCCR members has been able to follow precisely the path taken by a motor protein in cells, paving the way for the study of the transport activity and distribution of cargoes in cells.

Launch of the #NCCRwomen campaign

The NCCRs have joined forces in a national campaign showing how women have come to occupy a central place in research in almost all scientific fields.

A sulfur molecule to block the coronavirus

Some viruses can get inside cells via a mechanism that involves sulfur organic molecules. An NCCR team has discovered effective inhibitors and blocked the uptake of SARS-CoV-2.