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Newsletter #3: Education & Outreach

In this issue, you will find out how we in the NCCR Chemical Biology are striving to better deal with the task of teaching and other important aspects of knowledge transfer. 

In the cover piece, you will read about our successes in educating the next generation of chemical biologists. And much more importantly, great appreciation for our MSc programme can be also found in the several short interviews with our current master students.

The occasion to ponder on the future of university teaching: “what you teach” and “how you teach” are equally important and the “how” is next addressed in a debate between two distinguished professors from the EPFL on the impact of new teaching technologies on the efficacy of learning.

But not all teaching is done to an informed audience: knowledge transfer also takes place between researchers and the lay public (outreach). In this regard, it is important to bear in mind why academics need to present their research, and science as a whole, to the general public. One also must not forget that education is not only about developing hardcore knowledge, but also about training one’s “soft skills”, an essential trait to succeed and survive in the future job market of the 4th industrial revolution!

Finally, don’t miss our new segment entitled #MyChemBioSci – an entertaining cross between chemical biology and video interview.

The editorial board that compiled this issue brings together several NCCR members. Our warmest thanks for their contribution, dedication and commitment!