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The #NCCRWomen campaign (videos)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Switzerland, the National Centers of Competence in Research (NCCRs) across Switzerland will release each week a series of videos showcasing women working in science. The videos are targeted at women and girls of school and undergraduate age (16 -22 years old) to show what day to day life as a scientist is like and make it more accessible. We’re excited to be part of the #NCCRWomen campaign and to share our videos featuring five NCCR Chemical Biology women researchers.




From May 31, a new video (with French or English subtitles) will be released each day:


Monday, May 31
Chloé Rogg, PhD student, EPFL – Chemical biology

Tuesday, June 01
Paulina Nowak, PhD student, University of Geneva – Biophysics

Wednesday, June 02
Clémence Simon, Postdoc, University of Geneva – Chemical biology

Thursday, June 03
Pranitha Deshpande, Master student, EPFL – Chemical biology

Friday, June 04
Monica Gotta, Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva – Cell physiology and metabolism



The videos will be published  on the following media platforms:

Please help us publicize this campaign and reach our target audience (16-22 years old) by sharing the videos with your personal or professional network. You can also share the messages we will broadcast on the NCCR Chemical Biology social media.