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NCCR joint publication makes it as a hot article

A joint NCCR publication between the Winssinger and the Riezman labs is selected for the 2019 Chemical Science Hot article collection!

The article on lysosome-target photoactivation is published in Chemical Science. The authors report an approach to selectively deliver photo-caged lipids into lysosomes and thereafter to quickly release the lipid molecules by illumination. On combining this method with genetic techniques and lipidomics, the authors were able to investigate the localization-dependent metabolism of an important intermediate of sphingolipid metabolism, sphingosine. Their data reveal a distinct metabolic pattern of lysosomal sphingosine. In general, this method has the potential to serve as a platform to study lysosomal metabolism and signaling of various lipids and metabolites in living cells. Lipids are essential components of eukaryotic cell membranes and play crucial roles in cellular signaling and metabolism. While increasing evidence shows that the activities of lipids are dependent upon subcellular localization, tools to study local lipid metabolism and signaling are limited. The strategy followed offer a framework to study lipid metabolism with subcellular resolution.

DOI: 10.1039/C8SC03614D (Edge Article)
Open Access Article