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Maternity/paternity leave replacement measure

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The NCCR implements the maternity leave replacement measure whereby all its female scientific members (PhD students, postdocs, scientists, technicians and PIs), can be replaced during maternity leave by a technician and for a total period of 6 months. The technician will  be hired  full-time for that specific purpose. The time period allotted includes the 4 months maternity  leave (16 weeks) plus 2 months distributed as best suited before and/or after the maternity leave. 

The measure is also valid for future fathers: although not under paternity leave, male scientific members may want to work part-time or take a leave (unpaid) after the birth of their child, in either case for a maximum of 6 months. The NCCR is again able to cover the percentage of activity change by hiring a technician (% according to the leave that needs to be covered) for a maximum of 6 months.

Interested candidates should contact the NCCR Office to discuss details and its implementation within the limits of the allotted budget.