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Prof. Gavin receives the First Lipidomics Excellence Award

Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin, Louis-Jeantet Professor at the University of Geneva and NCCR member, has been awarded the First Lipidomics Excellence Award for her lipid-transfer research proposal. The prize given by Lipotype has been created to promote, support and strengthen researchers who are eager to contribute to the progress of life sciences through lipidomics.

Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin’s research proposal is related to an emerging player in lipid metabolism and its associated disorders, a group of disease-linked proteins known as lipid-transfer proteins. At least 131 lipid-transfer proteins have been found in humans. Some of them orchestrate the transfer of lipids between membranes, thereby spatially organizing lipids and connecting lipid metabolic pathways. Prof. Anne-Claude Gavin will use her LEA research prize to develop the first molecular cartography of these lipid “highways”. The detailed insights into metabolic signaling and pathways as well as lipid-transfer protein mediated lipid movement, will be integrated into a molecular model to describe cell-specific cancer-associated alterations. This comprehensive model will address multiple fundamental and medically relevant questions.

The prize is given by Lipotype a spin-off company from the laboratories of Prof. Dr. Kai Simons and Dr. Andrej Shevchenko of the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany, dedicated to lipidomics.