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Lina Carlini has been awarded a Chorafas Foundation Prize

Since 1992, the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation awards promotes excellence in scientific research by selecting graduating doctorate students. Lina Carlini from the NCCR lab of Suliana Manley, EPFL is one of the students to receive this distinction. Many congratulations! The Prize is publicly awarded at the EPFL on September 30, 2016.

The foundation awards scientific prizes for outstanding work in selected fields in the engineering sciences, medicine and natural sciences. It rewards research characterized by its high potential for practical application and by the special significance attached to its aftermath.  Every year, partner universities in Europe, North America and Asia evaluate the research work of their graduating doctorate students and propose the best for prizing. The Foundation prizes the best doctoral student(s) in the Hard Sciences in each partner university. These annual awards are of $5,000 each.

Dr Lina Carlini recently completed her PhD on  “Exploring dynamic organellar shape using live-cell fluorescence super-resolution microscopy” in the lab of Suliana Manley, EPFL. Lina will stay in Manley’s lab until the end of 2016.