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Grégoire Menoud receives the 2022 Best Master’s Thesis Award in Chemical Biology

Grégoire Menoud received the Best Master’s Thesis Award 2022 in Chemical Biology for his research entitled “Development of stapled-peptide-based degraders of oncogenic chromatin factor” carried out under the direction of Prof. Beat Fierz (EPFL). The prize was awarded by the NCCR Chemical Biology on January 27, 2022 following the oral defense presented by the students at the end of their Master’s degree in chemical biology, a course jointly organised by the University of Geneva and the EPFL.


His research

Grégoire Menoud’s research focused on a protein called DAXX, a potential oncogene involved in tumorigenesis, cancer progression and drug resistance during treatment. The complexity of the structure of DAXX is such that this protein cannot be easily studied by conventional means. His work focused on the development, synthesis and optimisation of a molecule called “degrader”, which specifically recognises the DAXX protein and hijacks the biochemical reactions of the cell to force the degradation of DAXX. Using cutting-edge approaches from biology and chemistry, Grégoire Menoud succeeded in creating such a molecule, a valuable tool for studying the oncogenic effect of DAXX, while opening up new perspectives for a therapeutic target.

This interdisciplinary research was conducted between the labs of Beat Fierz and Jérôme Waser at the EPFL


About Grégoire Menoud

Born in Geneva, Grégoire Menoud began his professional career with a CFC in commerce before reorienting himself towards studies in science, which has always been a passion for him. Following a Bachelor’s degree in biology at the University of Lausanne and inspired by his interest in interdisciplinary fields, Grégoire joined the Master’s programme in Chemical Biology at the University of Geneva. He brilliantly completed his master’s studies, especially his lab work, and won the Best Master’s Thesis Award 2022. Grégoire now wishes to undertake a PhD to continue exploring the various fields of science in an interdisciplinary manner. A keen sportsman, especially in karate, swimming and fitness, he manages to combine his passion with his studies, and to enjoy his free time with his friends in bars, concerts and festivals.