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Discover our new automated fluorescence confocal microscope

A brand new automated confocal spinning disc fluorescence microscope (IXM-C, Molecular Devices™) is now fully operational at ACCESS Geneva, the academic chemical screening platform in Switzerland.

Fluorescence microscope
A. C. Elegans GFP gut (Thomas Hannich, UNIGE). B. Hela cell endosomes (Dimitri Moreau, UNIGE). C. Live cells in alginate capsule (Ilaria Di Meglio, UNIGE). D. Stable Hela GFP membrane receptor (Dimitri Moreau UNIGE). All images acquired on ImageXpress Microscope® from Molcular Devices™.

This microscope can run any of your everyday imaging experiment. It can acquire in 7 colours from 4X to 60X (3D and live). The image quality, the speed of acquisition, the unbiased method, the increase in sample size and the deep image analysis are some of the strength of this set up.

If you are interested in testing the microscope or for more information, please contact Dimitri Moreau, Head of ACCESS Geneva. Tel. 00 41 (0)22 379 61 96.