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Flipper-TR: the fluorescent membrane tension probe is now on sale

We are very proud to announce the commercialization of a true NCCR product: Flipper-TR, the most advanced live cell fluorescent membrane tension probe developed for the field of mechanobiology. Spirochrome is our exclusive distributor. This tool showcases the performance of the NCCR Chemical Biology.


Resulting from the exceptional collaborative work of several NCCR labs, Flipper-TR is a non-invasive fluorescent probe that reports membrane tension changes in living cells using fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM). The probe senses changes of the organization of lipid bilayer membranes through changes of the twist angle and polarization between the two twisted dithienothiophenes of the mechanophore.  Flipper-TR opens up a whole new field by giving access to real time membrane tension measurements in live cells and artificial membranes and allows to precisely measure the spatio-temporal distribution of tension in membranes.

Take advantage of an introductory 50% discount on Flipper-TR (offer limited in time) and test it on your favourite mechanobiological project !

Now available for: 195 USD, 175 EUR or 195 CHF
(price includes 50% introductory discount until Feb. 28, 2019)