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Discover #MyChemBioSci Snapshots in Chemical Biology

The aim of #MyChemBioSci is to bring together scientists with diverse backgrounds and allow them to meet through chemical biology. The concept is to have a young researcher present his/her recent work in front of a camera, while another one comments in a few lines to explain the interdisciplinary approach used to tackle the scientific questions raised. This allows scientists from different fields, protagonists and audience, to rapidly learn how to think in a chemical biology way, i.e. how tools taken from chemistry can help solve problems in biology.

Three snapshot videos are already available in the media section of our website and on the NCCR vimeo channel.


Episode 3

Daniel Abegg, PhD student in Adibekian lab (UNIGE), biochemist.

Eline Bartolami, Postdoc in Matile lab (UNIGE), chemist.

In this episode, Daniel and Eline explore thiol-mediated drug delivery. In front of the camera, Daniel explains how they took advantage of the chemistry of strained cyclic disulfides like asparagusic acid to easily and efficiently deliver membrane-impermeable peptides to cells.

Read Eline’s comments in our 5th newsletter.


Episode 2

Lina Carlini, Postdoc in Manley lab (EPFL), biophysicist.

Tatjana Kleele, Postdoc in Manley lab (EPFL), biochemist.

Lina and Tatjana present improved photoswitchable probes for single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) applications. In front of the camera, Lina explains how chemically transformed cell-permeable dyes could be used to image events at the molecular scale by exploiting the chemistry of different cellular compartments.

Read Tatjana’s comments in our 4th newsletter.


Episode 1

Laurent Holtzer, Postdoc in Gonzalez-Gaitán lab (UNIGE), biophysicist.

Marcello Anzola, Postdoc in Winssinger lab (UNIGE), chemist.

Here, Laurent and Marcello discuss applications of bioorthogonal chemistry for imaging in cells and living organisms. Laurent explains to the audience how a templated reaction allowed them to visualise miRNA expression throughout zebrafish development with temporal and spatial resolution.

Read Marcello’s explanation in our 3rd newsletter.


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