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COVID-19 research: how the ACCESS Geneva platform can help you

The UNIGE scientific community is highly engaged in the investigation on the COVID-19 virus. Following the outbreak, several projects have been rapidly initiated to bring more fundamental knowledge about the biology of the virus and in fine help finding a cure. The ACCESS Geneva facility can help you accelerate your COVID-19 research.


You may be involved in the identification of therapeutics, antiviral compounds or diagnostics ultimately combating the coronavirus infections, and are in need of technologies such as image-based screening and data analysis and/or automated microscopy.

The ACCESS Geneva platform, based at the University of Geneva, can help you!

Its solid experience in image-based high-content screening (HCS), high-throughput screening (HTS), virus biology and assay development represents a strong asset to accelerate your discoveries. The platform provides a complete infrastructure of automated station, with which most cell biology experimentation in large scale can be handled, along with a very robust consistency and accuracy in a P2 environment.

Currently, several related projects are performed at ACCESS Geneva, involving host pathogen interaction, lipid metabolism, cell penetration, membrane trafficking, etc.

Do not  hesitate to contact Dr. Dimitri Moreau, Head of ACCESS Geneva, to discuss your COVID-19 research project and how ACCESS can help you. The platform can provide support every step of the way and is able to start the project when needed.

Contact: +41 22 379 61 96 or +33 6 76 08 44 08
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