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Christian Heinis wins an ERC Advanced Grant

Professor Christian Heinis at EPFL’s School of Basic Sciences and NCCR Chemical Biology co-Director has been awarded a European Research Council (ERC) Advanced Grant for a project that will merge biological and chemical compound libraries to target so-called “undruggable” proteins.

The ERC Advanced Grants are given each year to established, leading principal investigators to fund long-term funding for “ground-breaking, high-risk” research projects in three domains: Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, and Social Sciences and Humanities.

Today, the ERC has announced the 209 winners of the 2020 Advanced Grant competition, awarded a total of €507 million. Among them is Professor Christian Heinis at the EPFL School of Basic Sciences (Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering). Heinis’ winning project, TARGET, aims at “developing and applying a novel method for targeting so-called ‘undruggable’ proteins by tapping into a new chemical space, generated by ‘merging’ biological and chemical compound libraries.”


I am very grateful for the opportunity to try this bold plan and hope that my laboratory can contribute with good results to addressing currently unsolved medical challenges,” says Professor Heinis.

Source: EPFL press release