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New DNA stain lights up living cells

EPFL scientists have now developed a new DNA stain that can be used to safely image live mammalian cells for days, even under demanding imaging conditions.

New light on anti-sphingolipid targeting cancer therapy

NCCR researchers and other external labs identify the lysosomal transmembrane protein, LAPTM4B, as a specific ceramide binding protein and an alternative regulator of ceramide clearance from the late endosomes independently of the known ceramidase-dependent catabolism.

How a protein regulates gene expression

Prof. Beat Fierz’s group at NCCR EPFL have discovered how specialized proteins control gene expression by binding and compacting discrete parts of DNA inside the cell.

Bromodomains epigenetic readers

Bromodomains are important actors in epigenetic regulation. They represent small domains of about 110 amino acids that dock onto chromatin bearing acetylated lysine histone tails.

EPFL scientists have developed a new amino acid

The team of Christian Heinis at EPFL has developed a synthetic amino acid whose unique structure can considerably increase the effectiveness of therapeutic peptides and proteins.