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new tools to manipulate biology

New tools to manipulate biology

In ACS Central Science, three independent research groups from UNIGE and one from UNIBAS reports advances in both how proteins are made and how you can see their expression patterns in live animals.

Pre-Seed Workshop 2015

The third edition of the Geneva Pre-Seed Workshop was held last March 19, 20 and 27th and gathered 10 dedicated […]

Communication coaching

Communication coaching

The NCCR Chemical Biology supports its members to improve their communication skills and organises on a regular basis communication coaching sessions.

Newsletter #2: Entrepreneurship

This second issue is dedicated to entrepreneurship. We seeked the advice of professionnals and we focused on activities of our NCCR and other Swiss institutions that aim at lending a helping hand to aspiring entrepreneurs.

A new way of fighting bacteria?

Microbiologists at the UNIGE, studied the toxin-antitoxin system HigBA, which can be found in many pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, and found a novel regulatory mechanism with potential implications on how to fight bacterial infection.

A new method to detect cholesterol

A research team from the UNIGE / NCCR Chemical Biology, in collaboration with the Universities of California and Helsinki, has created a natural cholesterol that can be detected in the body.