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The hidden side of sulfur

Beyond conventional hydrogen bonds: new perspectives to the world of synthetic chemistry

Lina Carlini has been awarded a Chorafas Foundation Prize

The Chorafas Foundation awards promotes excellence in scientific research by selecting graduating doctorate students. Lina Carlini from the NCCR lab of Manley, EPFL is one of the students to receive this distinction. Congratulations!

Looking back at the retreat 2016

The NCCR Chemical Biology Annual Retreat 2016 took place last June and was held, just like the previous years, at the Eurotel Victoria, Villars-sur-Ollon, in Vaud.

new tools to manipulate biology

New tools to manipulate biology

In ACS Central Science, three independent research groups from UNIGE and one from UNIBAS reports advances in both how proteins are made and how you can see their expression patterns in live animals.

A new way of fighting bacteria?

Microbiologists at the UNIGE, studied the toxin-antitoxin system HigBA, which can be found in many pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria, and found a novel regulatory mechanism with potential implications on how to fight bacterial infection.

A new method to detect cholesterol

A research team from the UNIGE / NCCR Chemical Biology, in collaboration with the Universities of California and Helsinki, has created a natural cholesterol that can be detected in the body.