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It’s all about polarity

NCCR researchers discover a mechanism behind asymmetric cell division, they was able to shed light on how endosomes know to which cell to go to and how they physically do it.

Sphingosine role in calcium homeostasis

The collaborative efforts of several groups across the globe, including the Riezman lab from UNIGE and member of the NCCR network, were recently reported in e-Life journal.

New DNA stain lights up living cells

EPFL scientists have now developed a new DNA stain that can be used to safely image live mammalian cells for days, even under demanding imaging conditions.

New light on anti-sphingolipid targeting cancer therapy

NCCR researchers and other external labs identify the lysosomal transmembrane protein, LAPTM4B, as a specific ceramide binding protein and an alternative regulator of ceramide clearance from the late endosomes independently of the known ceramidase-dependent catabolism.

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