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EPFL scientists have developed a new amino acid

The team of Christian Heinis at EPFL has developed a synthetic amino acid whose unique structure can considerably increase the effectiveness of therapeutic peptides and proteins.

NCCR Chembio Lecture Series

The NCCR Chemical Biology will launch for the next academic year a new format of its NCCR ChemBio Lecture Series to enhance the benefit for both EPFL and UNIGE of having such distinguished guests.

Jérôme Waser: Associate Professor in Organic Chemistry

Jérôme Waser is carrying out highly creative research into the development of unconventional synthesis methods, in particular using hypervalent iodide derivatives for the preparation of compounds of pharmaceutical interest such as alkaloids.

LS2 Annual Meeting 2014 Lausanne

On behalf of the organizing committee which includes NCCR members Monica Gotta, Suliana Manley and Gisou van der Goot.