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The NCCR Chemical Biology is committed to generate patents that will provide a solid IP base to its start-ups as well as secure the position for collaboration with companies. So far, the NCCR Chemical Biology has 9 patents filled (pending or granted).

A crucial point to respect so that a patent application is not jeopardised is to secure the non-disclosure of the new research results in any form, i.e. publications, conferences, posters, abstracts, etc.  Alternatively, the commercial rights and benefits cannot be claimed any longer. However, to ease the conflict between publishing (recognition as an inventor and amongst one’s pairs) versus patenting (time consuming and expensive procedure) a provisional patent application can be filled (US, UK, Europe, Germany). This application is submitted rapidly allowing for all the disclosure one needs later while preparing for the non-provisional patent application without fear of losing patent rights. This provisional application is valid for a year and represents the first step toward receiving a patent.

For advice, please contact the tech transfer offices: UNITEC (Geneva) or TTO EPFL (Lausanne).

To protect your invention a prior art search needs to be done to adjust the writing of your current non-provisional patent: