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Public Engagement

Any effort to take research to the public and spread scientific knowledge is strongly encouraged within the NCCR Chemical Biology. We take part in many activities to share our passion and explain our science, highlight interdisciplinary learning and encourage the young and old to enter the fields of science.

We are keen to communicate our passion for scientific research to members of the public, to people of all ages and backgrounds and particularly to schools. Our researchers are invited to take an active part in our outreach efforts. We believe that communicating science to non-specialists opens a new perspective on the world, challenges you to grow personally and professionally, polishes your soft skills and helps you keep on learning while being a lot of fun. In our newsletter #3, please read why academics should get involved in outreach (page 10). 

Graduate students, postdocs and faculty learn to interact with young audiences and their families and school children  while sharing their passion for science. In addition, the NCCR Chemical Biology develops collaborations and partnerships with established structures dedicated to science outreach and participates regularly to large scale outreach events for the general public. Finally, our researchers use alternative channels to perform outreach and maximise their impact by developing press releases, actively participating to the NCCR newsletter and by sustaining a community of interest via social networks.

Activities and resources for public outreach

Our partners