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Workshop: Negotiation skills

A powerful and practical workshop will be run during the second day of the NCCR retreat to teach you how to develop your negotiation skills. This workshop will introduce essential negotiation techniques to help participants better understand, analyze and resolve the issues that can stand in the way to advance their professional careers in academia and beyond. There is a limited number of seats (14 participants), so hurry up to register!


Aim of the workshop

This workshop is aimed to create awareness and to empower participants to prepare and plan for negotiating a broad range of disputes related to their daily lives (from strictly professional to personal matters) by adopting a “win-win” perspective to foster long-lasting relationships.



  • Mix of theory and practice
  • Group, pair and individual exercises
  • Plenary discussions


The trainer

Dr. Fernanda Salina is an international lawyer and consultant based in Geneva. Her main interest is to empower and enhance the potential of individuals and organizations in the prevention, management and settlement of their conflicts and disputes. She is a former in-house lawyer with more than 20 years of international experience as a researcher, lecturer and trainer in the fields of International Law, International Negotiation and Mediation. Dr. Salina is an accredited mediator before the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation and holds a PhD in International Studies with specialization in International Law from the Graduate Institute, Geneva.


Practical information

  • Priority will be given to postdocs and senior PhD students.
  • No prior knowledge of negotiation is required.
  • Maximum number of participants: 14
  • Registration is now closed.


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