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Workshop: Real-time and label-free analysis with Biacore™

GE Healthcare, in collaboration with the NCCR Chemical Biology, organizes a workshop on Biacore™ instruments and software on June 27 at the University of Geneva.

Biacore™¬†instruments use Surface Plasmon resonance, the analytical method of choice, to¬†characterise binding kinetics for small molecule-protein interaction or protein-protein interaction. Biacore™ instruments and software are very easy to use. Nevertheless, any new assay can have its own challenges. A solid understanding of sensor chip properties and coupling chemistries can make the difference. The workshop will start with an introduction to the concepts of SPR detection and application formats. Then, Sofia Barluenga (Organic Chemistry department, University of Geneva) and Uwe Roger (GE Healthcare) will demonstrate the use of the Biacore™ with an antibody/antigen interaction. At the end, we will answer your questions and give tips for data evaluation.


Please help us plan our catering by registering to In case you are not sure if this Biacore™ Training is relevant to you, please contact (speaker and trainer) for further insights.

This workshop is free of charge and will be held in English. The hands-on session will be done at the Organic Chemistry department (University of Geneva).

The lunch break is sponsored by GE Healthcare Life Sciences.