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Workshop: Women at work, same difference?

The NCCR Chemical Biology is proud to announce the next event in the Career Seminar Series: “Women at work: same difference?” by Jill Székely.

During this workshop for women scientists, you will look into your own vision of who you are, as a biological female and as a professional, and practice defining your qualities and competencies by the rules of the mostly male “game” that a career in science still is.

This workshop is set up to bring solutions in the following fields:

  • Freedom and Power: the magical union.
  • Time…flies: how to manage a double career, professional and biological.
  • CV: who am I and what am I worth in public & private industry.

About the speaker

Jill Székely is a Consultant for Women, either as individuals or as a community, active in the professional sphere. Jill worked as a private banker for many years, and she realized that being female was not like being male in this “man’s world”. In 2010, she launched her own company, WiB Swiss Women in Business, studied gender at Geneva University, became an Andragogist Trainer and a NLP Coach. Since then she has been working passionately to bring harmony between men and women at work. As the mother of 3 young adults, Jill is convinced that a woman can be a wife, a mother and a professional… at least!

Registration is now closed.

More information

  • The workshops are open to all female scientists, PhD students and post-docs
  • There will be 2 sessions, one in Geneva on January 19, 2015, and one at EPFL on January 22, 2015
  • The maximum number of participants per workshop is 20, therefore priority will be given to members of groups within the NCCR Chemical Biology.
  • For questions about these workshops, please contact the NCCR office.