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Pre-Seed Workshop 2013

The Pre-Seed Workshop is for high-tech ideas that think they may want to become start-up companies

SCT Workshop: Biologically Relevant Molecular Diversity

The aim of this first edition of the SCT workshop is to provide medicinal chemists with state of the art methods and best practices in molecular diversity analysis of chemical libraries and compound collections.

Pre-Seed Workshop 2012

During the workshop participants simulate a “real” start-up company by collaborating with a hand-picked team with diverse expertise in technology, business, finance and law

Workshop: Swiss Soft Days come to Geneva

Besides well established scientific figures, the workshops are aimed at emerging researchers, especially assistant professors, post-docs and PhD students. The short duration of the talks and the frequency of the meetings throughout Switzerland are meant to rapidly develop active, up-to-date communications and cover various inter-disciplinary areas of research.