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Career & Family: how to manage both?

The objective of this workshop is to help our members improve their work-life balance. Participants will meet, discuss, share, ask questions and get advice from five female and two male senior academics who managed both!

Workshop: Super resolution microscopy

Manley’s group organizes a workshop to introduce 4 Post Doc or PhD students into single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) with focus on automated high-throughput STORM imaging and data analysis.

Pre-Seed Workshop 2016

The workshop specifically targets very early to early high-technology entrepreneurial ideas from all fields and from all over Switzerland

Pre-Seed Workshop 2015

The workshop will host 10 idea teams competetively selected to evaluate whether their technology should go forward or be fleshed out further

Workshop: Women at work, same difference?

During this workshop for women scientists, you will look into your own vision of who you are, as a biological female and as a professional, and practice defining your qualities and competencies by the rules of the mostly male “game” that a career in science still is.

Workshop: Lipidomics

In this two day workshop of theoretical and practical work, the students will learn extraction techniques to prepare samples for mass spectrometry analysis of lipids