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Outstanding Women in Science Seminar Series: Angela Nieto

Angela Nieto, Full Professor and Head of Developmental Neurobiology at the Instituto de Neurociencias (CSIC-UMH, Alicante, Spain) and elected EMBO member, will talk about “Epithelial plasticity in development and disease”.

Special Seminar series : Florian Seebeck

Florian Seebeck, Professor for Molecular Bionics in Department of Chemistry at the University of Basel, will talk about “Biosynthetic Sulfur Transfer”.

Seminar series: Prisca Liberali

Our next speaker is Prisca Liberali and she will give a presentation entitled “Mapping functional genetic interactions between signalling and membrane trafficking”.

Seminar series: Stephen Michnick

Stephen Michnick, Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Université de Montréal, will talk about “A nutrient-responsive pathway that determines timing of cell cycle phases through control of cyclin mRNA”.

Seminar series: Dennis Dougherty

Dennis Dougherty, Professor of Chemistry at the division of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Caltech, USA) will talk about “Chemistry on the Brain: Understanding the Nicotine Receptor”.