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Lecture series: Maja Köhn

Maja Köhn, group leader in Genome Biology at EMBL and an ERC Investigator, will talk about “New integrative approaches to study and target phosphatases in health and disease”.

Lecture series: Hermen Overkleeft

Hermen Overkleeft, Head of Department and Professor of Bio-organic synthesis at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry, will talk about “Inhibitors and activity-based probes of glycoprocessing enzymes in the context of lysosomal storage disorders”.

Lecture series: Helma Wennemers

Helma Wennemers, Full Professor of Organic Chemistry at the ETH Zurich since 2011, will talk about “Bioinspired Chemistry with Proline-rich Peptide”.

Lecture series: Jörn Piel

Jörn Piel, Full Professor of Microbial Interactions at the Institute of Microbiology (ETH Zurich), will talk about “Mining microbial dark matter for drug development”.

Lecture series: Ben Cravatt (cancelled)

Ben Cravatt, Professor in the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology and Chair of the Department of Chemical Physiology at The Scripps Research Institute, will talk about “Activity-based proteomics – applications for enzyme and inhibitor discovery”.

Lecture series: Fredéric Bard

Frédéric Bard, Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore, will talk about “A new layer of control for tissue invasion: regulation at the Golgi and through protein glycosylation”.

Lecture series: Joanne Stubbe

Joanne Stubbe, the Novartis Professor of Chemistry and a professor of biology at MIT, will talk about “Radicals, your like is in their hands”.

Lecture series: Martin Lochner

Dr. Lochner, from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Bern, will speak about “Molecular Tools for the Study of Ion Channels”.

Lecture series: Gerlind Wallon

Gerlind Wallon, Deputy Director of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), will talk about “A persistent problem”.

Lecture series: Khalid Salaita

Khalid Salaita, from the Emory University in Atlanta (GA), will talk about “Biophysics at the Cell Surface: Development of Materials to Sense the Forces Within Us”.