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Soft Skills Week: cast your vote!

We have the pleasure to announce the first “Soft Skills Week” organised by the NCCR Chemical Biology in Geneva and/or Lausanne from February 6 to 10, 2017.

During the week, two workshops, 2 days long each, will be run by Dimitra Karatolou, Career and Life Coach. Dimitra has already run with great success a seminar on how to master time and manage stress and energy. The workshop was greatly appreciated by NCCR members. You are invited to select in the list below of possible workshops the ones that you would like to take part in. The final workshops that will be held will be chosen according to your selection!

What workshop would you like to take part in?

  • Make an impact, create a strong social network!
    What would you achieve if you managed to:

    • promote yourself and your skills with greater confidence
    • ‘read’ and master body language
    • increase your interpersonal awareness
    • understand the dynamics of everyday communication
    • liaise easily and efficiently with others
    • build and maintain a strong social network.
  • Assertiveness: the key to open and efficient communication!
    What would you achieve if you managed to:

    • express your opinion and your feelings openly yet respectfully
    • set healthy boundaries in your professional and personal relationships
    • understand and manage diversity of personalities
    • enhance your active listening skills and empathy
    • deal efficiently with difficult conversations and miscommunications
    • provided feedback constructively
    • created relationships of trust and cooperation.
  • Mastering your time: less stress, more energy!
    What could you achieve if you managed to:

    • schedule effectively
    • distinguish between urgent and important
    • set the right priorities
    • handle interruptions
    • set SMART goals
    • deal with procrastination
    • change your self-sabotage strategies.

>> Cast your vote before December 9! (closed)

The registration for the workshops finally confirmed will open in December.

About the trainer

dk_photoDimitra Karatolou, MSc, PCC
Executive, Career & Life Coach I Organizational Development Consultant

She holds a BA in Communication and Mass Media by the University of Athens and an MSc in Social and Organizational Psychology by the London School of Economics. She began her career as a journalist, but soon turned to psychology. She has worked in senior human resources roles in multinational companies in Germany and in Greece. In 2007 she created her own company Lifepassport – dream, plan, act! Until today she has designed and delivered more than 700 training hours and 1.000 coaching hours. She is certified as a Professional Coach (PCC) by the International Coach Federation and as an NLP Master Practicioner by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Moreover, she regularly writes articles for business magazines about professional and personal development. Apart from Greek she also speaks English and German fluently.

More info about the trainer


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