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Pre-Seed Workshop 2012

If you are asking yourself these questions, the Pre-Seed Workshop is for you. The PSW is for high-tech ideas that think they may want to become Start-up Companies.
If you have a recently patented technology that may have commercial potential, and are looking for business input, then the PSW can help you find answers to these and other questions.

The PSW is an intense, two and a half day workshop and has proven to be a fast, efficient way to:

  • vet projects and business ideas
  • launch pre-seed stage companies
  • increase the entrepreneurial activity within a community

It is NOT a lecture series! During the workshop participants simulate a ‘real’ start-up company by collaborating with a hand-picked team with diverse expertise in technology, business, finance and law. Through 9 fast-paced modules you will answer 20 key questions about your idea. You will present your results to a panel of experts who will provide feedback on your proposed business case.

You must be available September 6th from 5 to 8pm and both full days September 7th and 14th to participate. We can only accept a maximum of 6 teams. We encourage applications from women and NCCR related technology champions, but it is open to high-tech entrepreneurs throughout the Arc Lémanique.

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