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NCCR Special Lecture series: Satoko Takemoto

Dr Satoko Takemoto, a research scientist from RIKEN, Japan is our next special guest speaker. Her talk entitled “Performance evaluation of image segmentation methods for better objectivity of cell image analysis” takes place at UNIGE.


Image segmentation, which helps to identify the image regions of observation targets, is a crucial procedure in modern cell biology. Although the results of segmentation can affect the reliability of image analysis, ad hoc segmentation methods are adopted even in current research. Our aim is to provide researchers with objective selection criteria for segmentation methods. In this seminar, we introduce a novel performance evaluation system for various segmentation methods. The talk includes a brief introduction of our lab’s research activities related to image processing software for cell biology.


Satoko Takemoto majored in computer science and received a Dr. Engineering from Saitama university in 2006. She has been working at RIKEN for 11 years. Her research interests include image processing and pattern recognition. She has many collaboration works with different field researchers such as cell biologists, physicians, and develops many computational tools for image-based analysis.