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NCCR Special Lecture series: Esther Amstad

Prof. Esther Amstad,  tenure tracked assistant professor, Soft Materials Laboratory, Institute of Materials (EPFL), is our next special guest speaker. Her talk entitled “Drops: A tool to structure materials” takes place at UNIGE.

About the talk

Drops can be used to produce different types of particles with defined sizes, shapes, and compositions. In the first part of the talk, Esther Amstad will present examples how airborne drops can be used to produce nm-sized particles with unusual structures. In the second part of the talk, she will show how much larger emulsion drops can be used to produce tight, responsive capsules of controlled sizes and with very thin shells.

About the speaker

Esther Amstad studied material science at ETH in Zurich where she also carried out her PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. Marcus Textor (2007-2010). Her thesis was devoted to the steric stabilization of iron oxide nanoparticles. As a Postdoctoral fellow, she joined the experimental soft condensed matter group of David A. Weitz at Harvard University (2011-2014). She developed new microfluidic devices, studied early stages of the crystallization of nanoparticles, and assembled microcapsules for triggered release. Since June 2014, she heads the Soft Materials Laboratory (SMAL) at EPFL as a tenure tracked assistant professor.