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NCCR Site Visit (Year 4)

All members of the NCCR Chemical Biology are kindly requested to attend our 4th Site Visit at the new SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne.

The day starts with a plenary session at 9.30 with a status report, followed by project descriptions in phase 2. After lunch there will be an important  poster session. NCCR members are requested to submit posters on their work with an emphasis on the progress achieved over the last year.

We are proud to announce a new Young Researcher Session/ Added Value Session from 4 to 5 pm to close the day. This session will focus on the added value, scientific and to society, stemming from collaborations within our network.

On behalf of the Directors and Steering Committee of the NCCR Chemical Biology, we emphasize that your participation is highly appreciated and our success is dependent on your collaboration.

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