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Lecture series hosted by junior scientists: Thomas Ward

We are pleased to invite you to the launch of the new NCCR lecture series hosted by junior scientists, featuring a talk by Thomas R. Ward, Professor at the University of Basel and Director of NCCR Molecular Systems Engineering, entitled “Endowing Organometallic Chemistry with a Genetic Memory”.

The seminar is followed by a workshop given by Prof. Ward & Dr. Tillmann Heinisch, senior researcher in the Ward group, on “Debugging and Evolving Artificial Metalloenzymes: Chemical and Biological Challenges”. The workshop is designed to allow deep discussion and idea sharing on the topic of artificial enzyme catalysis.

About the speakers

Thomas R. Ward is a pioneer of artificial metalloenzymes, developing systems for synthetic biology (in vivo catalysis to complement metabolic pathways), bio-nanotechnology (programmed protein assemblies) and white biotechnology (enantioselective catalysis for high added-value chemicals). His academic career is focused on understanding and harnessing catalysis, as well as combining homogeneous and enzymatic catalysis in bio-organic chemistry. Prof. Ward is currently working towards realizing his DrEAM: the Directed Evolution of Artificial Metalloenzymes.

Tillmann Heinisch is a senior researcher in the group of Prof. Ward (UniBas), in collaboration with Prof. Panke (ETH Zurich). Dr. Heinisch is currently working on strategies to expand the faction scope of natural E. coli metabolic pathways by the unique chemistries of artificial metalloenzymes.

See recent publications in Nature and in ACS Accounts of Chemical Research.

Practical information

TALK  ||  UNIGE: May 29 – Room 223 (ScII) – 11:15  ||  EPFL: May 30 – BCH 3118 – 11:15

WORKSHOP  ||  UNIGE: May 29 – Room A50A (ScII) – 16:15-18:00  ||  EPFL: May 30 – BCH 1103 – 16:15-18:00


A welcome coffee will be offered to workshop participants. Registration is now closed.