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NCCR Lecture series: Bradley Pentelute

Bradley Pentelute, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), is our next guest speaker. He will give a talk on “Cysteine arylation to engineer peptides and proteins” at UNIGE and EPFL.

About the talk

The Pentelute lab research focuses on the development of cysteine arylation for production of antibody drug conjugates, the use of chemistry to systematically dissect how anthrax toxin delivers proteins into cells with the goal of delivering peptides and antibodies mimics to the cytosol of cells, and fast flow platforms for the rapid production of chemically modified biomolecules. Their recent work has revealed cysteine arylation as a potentially powerful avenue to chemically tailor unprotected peptides and proteins.

More info

About the Pentelute Lab (MIT)

Poster of the seminar at the University of Geneva & EPFL