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NCCR Chemical Biology 2nd annual site visit and poster session


9.45 Presentation Karl Gademann/Christian Heinis – Project 1: Chemical Interference
10.15 Poster-Session 1:Chemical Interference
11.15 Presentation Gerardo Turcatti /Ruud van Deursen – ACCESS: An Academic Chemical Screening Platform for Switzerland
11:45 Presentation Robbie Loewith – Project 2: System Level Interference
12.15  Lunch (free for NCCR Chemical Biology members)
13.00 Poster-Session 2:Signalling
14.00 Presentation Pierre Gönczy – Project 4: Signal Transduction
14.30 Presentation Freddy Radtke – Project 5: Notch Signalling
15.00 Presentation Horst Vogel/Suliana Manley – Project 6: G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) Mediated Signalling
15.30 Coffee break
15.45 Poster-Session 3: Membranes
17.00 Presentation Jean Gruenberg – Project 3: Membrane Localization & Endocytosis
17.30 Presentation Howard Riezman – Project 7: Cellular Uptake & Membranes

More information

  • For directions and exact location at EPFL, see the interactive campus map
  • See the public transport link for the train schedule to Renens; then take the M1 to the EPFL stop. (Ex. from Geneva train station take the 8:20 to Renens, then take the 9:17 M1 to arrive at EPFL at 9:23)