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Howard Riezman Farewell Symposium

Following a life devoted to biochemistry and full of scientific achievements, Prof. Howard Riezman will retire next November 30, 2022. On this occasion, the NCCR Chemical Biology, the Department of Biochemistry (UNIGE) and alumni from the Riezman lab organize a symposium, the Howard Riezman Farewell Symposium,  to honour his journey in academia as a mentor, teacher, biochemist and lipid scientist.

The event will take place on Friday November 11, 2022 at the Louis-Jeantet Foundation, 77 Route de Florissant, Geneva.

Entry is free but registration is compulsory.

Colleagues and alumni will join from around the world and collectively cover a great diversity of topics dear to Professor Riezman in a mix of science and fun facts. The event will end with a lecture given by Howard Riezman entitled “Reminiscence on 47 years of scientific research”!


Please consult the programme


The venue has a limited number of seats so registration will be confirmed on a first-come-first-served basis.
To register please use:
Registration deadline: Friday November 4, 2022


Dr. Phaedra Simitsek,
Dr. Olivier Schaad,

The Farewell lecture  given by Prof. Riezman at the end will be made available live via Zoom.