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Career breakfast workshop series: Guiding scientific projects

The NCCR Chemical Biology organizes a 2-hour interactive workshop with Prof. Aurélien Roux to learn how to find and design a good scientific project. The event will take place on October 27 at the University of Geneva and is open to all postdocs, even those who are not interested in academic positions. In a small group of maximum 6 participants, you will discuss about research project design, clarify important project management aspects, and learn how to develop a project through collaborations.

Important notification: due to the new COVID-19 restrictions the workshop will take place online. The link to the session has been sent to the participants.

Leading a scientific project encompasses many different activities from the ability to find and design a good research project to understanding how the broad range of human interactions can impinge on projects. To manage the activities around one or many projects is one of the most difficult part of doing research and an important skill to acquire. This workshop represents a great peer-to-peer learning opportunity kindly provided by Prof. Aurélien Roux who draws on his experience of major research projects and research management.



    • How to design a project
    • How to assign people to a project
    • How to adapt a project to people
    • How to build fruitful collaborations



Prof. Aurélien Roux is a Full Professor at the University of Geneva. His main interest is to study the role of lipid membrane mechanical properties in several cell processes, from endocytosis to cytokinesis. As a PhD student, he worked in collaboration with cell biologists (Bruno Goud’s lab, Curie Institute, Paris) and physicists (Patricia Bassereau’s lab, Curie Institute, Paris) in order to understand how membrane properties facilitate or interfere with various stages of membrane traffic within cells. His continuing interest in membrane fission led him to pursue post-doctoral work in Pietro de Camilli’s laboratory. In order to study the mechanism of membrane tubule formation and fission by dynamin. From July 2007 to April 2010, as a Chargé de Recherche in the CNRS, France, he has been interested in how membrane properties affect the polymerization of dynamin onto a template. In June 2019, he was elected as an EMBO Member.

His current research focuses is on the mechanical and dynamic properties of lipids and proteins involved in membrane traffic, so as to understand how proteins exploit the peculiar physical properties of lipid membranes in order to proceed with their function. Specifically, how do the essential physico-chemical abilities of membranes like deformation, fusion, fission, fluidity and permeability support cell functions involving membranes, like endocytosis, cell-division, cell migration and others.

Aurélien Roux is a member of the NCCR equal opportunity committee.


Practical information

Due to the sanitary crisis, participants will bring their own beverage, if they wish to. The NCCR Chemical Biology will provide a small individual snack to each participant.
Participants will have to wear a face mask and social distancing will be maintained during the whole workshop.



This workshop targets postdocs, not only the ones interested in academic positions.
Limited number of seats: 6 (priority will be given to the NCCR Chemical Biology members)

Registration is now closed.