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2021 Summer camp in chemistry and biochemistry

Each summer, the EPFL Science Outreach Department and the NCCR Chemical Biology organize a summer camp for young people (11-13) passionate about science. Assist the camp facilitator for the 2021 Summer camp in chemistry and biochemistry – and experience a unique outreach opportunity!



For a week, the youngsters visit labs, carry out experiments with the camp facilitators and then present their findings to an audience, like real scientists. This Summer camp in chemistry and biochemistry is very popular with the youngsters; the 2021 edition, which takes place during the week of August 16 – 20, is already full!

In this context, we are recruiting a young researcher to assist the camp facilitator. Their mission: communicating their enthusiasm for science and helping the facilitator run simple biochemistry experiments with the twenty 11 to 13-year-olds who attend the camp. If you love science and want to share your interest with youngsters, this offer is for you! You will get training from an experienced science outreach professional before the camp.


You will need to:

  • Be fluent in French.
  • Be comfortable around young adolescents.
  • Be available on Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 August, 2021


Interested? Need more information?
Please write to Nolwenn Chavan, camp facilitator, before July 2.