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Special seminar series: Dario Neri

Dario Neri will talk about “Armed antibodies and targeted cytotoxics for the treatment of cancer and of rheumatoid arthritis”.

Lecture series: Howard Hang

Dr. Howard Hang, from the Rockefeller University, will give a talk about “Chemical reporters for exploring host-pathogen interactions”.

NCCR Mini-Symposium

The NCCR Chemical Biology is pleased to announce a mini Symposium organised by Profs. Beat Fierz, Nicolas Winssinger and Christian Heinis as part of the NCCR Chemical Biology Talk Series.

Seminar series: Thomas Carell

Thomas Carell, Full Professor for Organic Chemistry at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) in Munich, will talk about “New bases in our genome”.

Lecture series: Luke Lavis

Luke Lavis, group leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, will talk about “Building brighter fluorophores with azetidine”.