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Lecture series: Fredéric Bard

Frédéric Bard, Principal Investigator at the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Singapore, will talk about “A new layer of control for tissue invasion: regulation at the Golgi and through protein glycosylation”.

Imaging mini-symposium

The NCCR Chemical Biology organizes a mini-symposium on imaging with C. Eggeling, Y. Urano and a poster session.

BioInnovation Day 2013

BioInnovation Day is an established regional partnering event intended to provide a constructive interface between researchers, scientist-entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups and economic decision-makers.

SCT Workshop: Biologically Relevant Molecular Diversity

The aim of this first edition of the SCT workshop is to provide medicinal chemists with state of the art methods and best practices in molecular diversity analysis of chemical libraries and compound collections.