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BioInnovation Day 2012

Project pitches…start-up pitches…industry presentations…10k BioInnovation prize

Lecture series: Joanne Stubbe

Joanne Stubbe, the Novartis Professor of Chemistry and a professor of biology at MIT, will talk about “Radicals, your like is in their hands”.

Lecture series: Gerlind Wallon

Gerlind Wallon, Deputy Director of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO), will talk about “A persistent problem”.

Lecture series: Khalid Salaita

Khalid Salaita, from the Emory University in Atlanta (GA), will talk about “Biophysics at the Cell Surface: Development of Materials to Sense the Forces Within Us”.

Lecture series: Chuan He

Chuan He will talk about “Chemistry Determines Cell Fate: Reversible Chemical Reactions on Bio-macromolecules”.

Pre-Seed Workshop 2012

During the workshop participants simulate a “real” start-up company by collaborating with a hand-picked team with diverse expertise in technology, business, finance and law