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NCCR Mini-Symposium

The NCCR Chemical Biology is pleased to announce a mini Symposium organised by Profs. Beat Fierz, Nicolas Winssinger and Christian Heinis as part of the NCCR Chemical Biology Talk Series.

Lecture series: Luke Lavis

Luke Lavis, group leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, will talk about “Building brighter fluorophores with azetidine”.

Lecture series: Maja Köhn

Maja Köhn, group leader in Genome Biology at EMBL and an ERC Investigator, will talk about “New integrative approaches to study and target phosphatases in health and disease”.

Workshop: Women at work, same difference?

During this workshop for women scientists, you will look into your own vision of who you are, as a biological female and as a professional, and practice defining your qualities and competencies by the rules of the mostly male “game” that a career in science still is.

Lecture series: Jörn Piel

Jörn Piel, Full Professor of Microbial Interactions at the Institute of Microbiology (ETH Zurich), will talk about “Mining microbial dark matter for drug development”.

NCCR Site Visit (Year 4)

All members of the NCCR Chemical Biology are kindly requested to attend our 4th Site Visit at the new SwissTech […]

Lecture series: Ben Cravatt (cancelled)

Ben Cravatt, Professor in the Skaggs Institute for Chemical Biology and Chair of the Department of Chemical Physiology at The Scripps Research Institute, will talk about “Activity-based proteomics – applications for enzyme and inhibitor discovery”.

Course on Chemical and siRNA screening

A course on Chemical and siRNA screening in an Academic setting by Gerardo Turcatti and Marc Chambon (BSF-ACCESS) is organized at the EPFL on January 21st, 2014.